Blueprinting a Wellness Platform


Our client, a leading smartphone manufacturer, asked us to create a strategic blueprint for a comprehensive wellness platform to aggregate health, activity, and biometric data from an expanding marketplace of 3rd-party applications and devices. They also asked us to envision how this platform might evolve to accommodate a range of new sensor and wearable display technologies over the next 5 years.

Our Work

In order to more clearly define both the functionality and character of our client's envisioned platform, we explored two primary research questions: First, how do the psychologies of health and wellness differ among very healthy, moderately unhealthy, and chronically ill user segments? And second, among a wide range of behavior change strategies employed by tech, public policy, and wellness coaching, which best address the needs of our target segment and align with our client's brand identity? Using home visit ethnographies, secondary research, and design prototyping, we developed a strategic roadmap, UX concept, as well as unique features and UI for a near and long-term platform vision.