Envisioning a robot through consumer research and strategic design.


Prior to the launch of their latest Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner model, iRobot approached THE MEME to collaborate to better understand cleaning habits. The study focused on analyzing assumptions about the technology at home, as well as allowed for the strategic planning of future capabilities that needed to be validated from a consumer perspective.

Product Launch

Read about the recent launch of the Roomba 980 model at Wired.

Our Work

We conducted primary and secondary research activities in three phases. We interviewed individuals that had robotic vacuum cleaners and ones that did not, in order to explore consumers’ mental models. We focused on their home, their daily life, their cleaning routines, and asked them to envision what their future could look like. We understood their cleaning habits and identified their, salient needs for robotic vacuuming, and meaningful related activities in a domestic context.

Based on insights gained from users, we spoke to a number of leading experts to confirm ideas about home life, domestic activities and relationships to robots. Building on this body of research, our team of strategists and designers evaluated the insights, ideated around them, and formulated seed User Experience concepts.