The Post-Smartphone Camera


With ever-higher image quality, web connectivity, and instant editing and sharing capabilities, smartphones are quickly making all but the most professional of DSLR cameras obsolete. Our client, a camera manufacturer, asked us to challenge conventional product categories with innovative concept designs that could counter the smartphone threat over the long-term.

Our Work

In order to understand how the aspirations, values and cultures of personal imaging are changing, we conducted in-depth interviews with lead users across the United States. To help us see the long view of personal imaging in ten to twenty years, we talked to experts in industry and academia about their vision of the future and how the cutting edge of today's hardware and software fit into that picture. And, as always, we studied our client's competitors in detail, indexing the evolution of their products, and projecting likely near term business strategies given their range of capabilities. Finally, using these major research components to guide us, we conceived, modeled, and illustrated three camera design concepts that helped our clients establish long-term goals as well as an actionable roadmap for immediate development.