Facilitating Parking Information Exchanges


Parking. It's something most of us have to deal with on a day to day basis. For many it's a major thorn in the side. Being located in Cambridge, MA we experienced the parking horror first hand. There isn't enough parking. And we are not the only ones having this experience. In the U.S. there are about 48,000,000 urban drivers and only 300,000 metered parking spots. The ratio is 160:1 cars to spots. There is a collective need for a better city parking solution.

Company Emerges From Innovation Idea

We felt strongly and wanted to make a change. First, we researched barriers within our current free-for-all system and discovered three areas to address: it's often hard to find a public space, it's difficult to afford a private space, and it's stressful to make plans without a guarantee of finding parking. From there we developed ideas.

Our ideas gave birth to a new company: Organic Parking that would go on to develop an app. We continued to work with Organic Parking to develop a communication and exchange platform between two drivers. We designed and built the end to end experience for both Android and iOS. Simple gestures, quick taps and text-to-speech are utilized within a clean UI to create an optimal user experience. Users simply search for the time and location at which they plan to park, choose a posting, and swap with the current-spot holder for a guaranteed space.

Learn more at OrganicParking.com