Between Tablet and Smartphone


In the wake of the successful iPad launch in 2010, our client, a global consumer electronics manufacturer, wanted to explore opportunities to pioneer a new category of mobile device larger than the smartphone but smaller than current tablets. They came to THE MEME to help them define a unique identity of this device, including its dimensions, hardware specs, and overall user experience.

Our Work

Understanding the potential of this "tween" device category meant that we had to make sense of a lot of grey areas. We conducted in-depth interviews and observational studies to understand user attitudes, preferences and behaviors towards the two devices bracketing our investigation: the tablet and the smartphone. In parallel, we indexed the offerings of our clients' competitors and the mobile device market at large, in order to understand industry dynamics and identify vectors of future growth. Synthesizing user and market insights, we created detailed design strategy for two potential products - a 5" mobile device optimized for light, on-the-go productivity, and an 8" mini tablet geared towards students and remote workers - a product vision that has been realized today in our clients "phablet" and tablet product lines.