Consumer Centric E-Wallet Application


Today, we have more things to keep track of than ever before. When you go visit or buy something you are asked if you would like to "become a member". If you say yes, you receive another membership card to keep track of. You can see how the amount of "stuff" you carry can exponentially grow. Or if you choose not to carry things you "lose out" if you don't remember to grab that card or forget that coupon. Who wants to lose out? Pretty much no one. A korean marketing company approached us to enhance an e-wallet proof of concept. This wallet will have everything you need electronically. No more "fat wallet" syndrome. No more losing out because you forgot something. We were asked to look at the overall experience and what might be included to make it better.

Proof of Concept to Relevant App Experience

We were up for the challenge of enhancing the e-wallet Proof of Concept. At the start of the project, we evaluated the current experience. We studied navigation, how/when information was displayed, and the overall look and feel. We researched the audience and took a deep dive into intrinsic and extrinsic usage motivators. The largest insight we found was people wanted relevant information displayed to them and the ability to access what they wanted when they wanted it. They don't mind having access to the peripheral wants/needs, but they want that to be in the background. We humanized the app and focused on what was around the user. Merchants and specials nearby bubbled up to the top. The app alerted the user with relevant data such as weather and traffic that might effect travel time or items you might need to carry such as an umbrella. The e-wallet became the digital gateway to your membership cards, coupons, payment cards, and loyalty "punch" cards. We humanized the experience through fluid gestures, clean UI, cohesive lifestyle-driven visual design, and created spacial relevance to the user through a map overlay.

Now, If you have your phone, you have not just your wallet, but a more useful and contextually relevant (e-)wallet.