Probing the Auto Electronics Industry


As users expect to access more digital content in their cars, the In-vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system is becoming a key selling point for auto makers (OEMs). At the same time, safety regulations, liability aversion, and a protectivist industry culture have made it difficult for consumer tech companies to compete with traditional auto suppliers.

Our client, a global electronics company, wanted to better understand the shifting dynamics of the auto industry and to identify potential mid and long-term business and design opportunities in this space.

Our Work

Along with qualitative and quantitative secondary research into IVI industry dynamics, we also conducted interviews with a broad range of industry experts and made observational studies of individual users of leading IVI systems to understand pain points, preferences and behaviors. Out of this research we developed a shortlist of potential business strategies for our client to generate unique value in the IVI market.

For each, we detailed 10-year product planning roadmaps, with focus on complementary benefits to our client's main product lineups as well as the partnerships required to achieve key milestones. Finally, we generated product and connected service concepts arising from the intersection of a strong business case with a proven user need, and created system architecture diagrams, interaction guidelines, and UX themes illustrating use cases through persona-based narratives and sketch-level PUI/GUI.